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AV. Dennis Shasha Answers

Dennis Shasha, author of The Puzzler’s Elusion explains how his finger multiplication works!


AU. Dennis Shasha asks about Polish Multiplication

Dennis Shasha, puzzle columnist for Scientific American, asks about a curious way to multiply numbers on your fingers.


AT. Peter Winkler Answers

Peter Winkler answers. Another puzzle next week!

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AS. A Puzzle From Peter Winkler

Peter Winkler, author of “Mathematical Puzzles: A Connoisseur's Collection”, asks how many coins are needed to cover a table.

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AR. A Quick Game

Two players take turns removing coins from a line; how can the first player always be sure to have at least as much money as the second?


AQ. The Principle of Indifference Redux

The solution to the balls puzzle and a quick puzzle about cards.


AO. Choosing Balls from A Bag

A fifty-fifty chance of drawing four blue balls from a bag: how many balls were blue?


AN. More Sucker Bets

Is there always a better choice?

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AM. Arrow's Theorem

Can A be better than B, B be better than C and C be better than A? No voting system will ever be fair!

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AL. Rumors and suckers

In which we show gossip is unreliable and how you can always fleece a sucker.

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