Mathfactor Goodies

(Still under construction!)

These are a few of the fine products produced by the Bamboo Math Co. Ltd. and the Ptolemy Mathcard Co.,

The World’s Largest Fictional Math Sticker and Trading Card Consortium!!

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Many of these items are now rare collector’s items, and can only be found stuck to filing cabinets and trash cans in graduate student offices the world over; however, through an exclusive licensing agreement, the Math Factor is proud to continue to offer some of these items.

The Math Factor CD


Ptolemy Mathcards


Bamboo Math Stickers


Math Stickers for Enhanced Living


The Bamboo Math Coloring Book

The Octahedral Pencil Holder

Insanity Tiles

Wooden Soap Bubble Meanders

Pentakoch Puzzles

Infinity No. One.

Misc Freaky Polyhedra for the Classroom

(In the future, we hope to be able to reissue all of these items, and others, and have them available to a larger audience, in fine shops everywhere. In the meantime, if you are a publisher, marketer, entrepeneur, or patron of the arts, interested in helping bring this about, please give us a call.)

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