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CS. Perfect Sums

First, let’s answer last week’s puzzle on clocks!

As it turns out, there are 143 times in each twelve hour period for which you can switch the hands of a clock and still have a legitimate time! It’s easy to find these by plotting the positions of the hands throughout the day:

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CM. Crossing the Bridge

Save Indiana, his girlfriend, his father and his father’s sidekick from certain doom! They must cross a bridge across a gorge in no more than one hour!
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CG. Graham’s Number

Graham’s number is truly, absolutely staggering…

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CE. Big Numbers

We’re well on our way towards describing the two largest numbers that have ever been used! Unfortunately, there are at least three errors in this segment of the Math Factor–can you spot them all?

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AN. More Sucker Bets

Is there always a better choice?

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