BS. Aha! Escape!

Dozens of listeners sent us solutions, mercifully freeing us from this 50x50x50' box.

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  1. OCW said,

    May 6, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    I listened to the podcast to this puzzle yesterday and took one night before listening to the answer.
    Now i wonder if someone wrote the solution i found.

    Steps to get the two ropes:
    1. climb rope 1 holding rope 2 at the highest point possible
    2. when you reach the top cut rope 1 and hold rope 2 so you don’t fall…
    3. climb to the top of rope 2

    i think to this point most solutions are similar.

    Now i need two points on rope 2, one point (a) very close to the ceiling and one point (b) a little bit lower.
    Now i start linking rope 1 to rope 2 on point (a) with one of those knods you can easily resolve by pulling on one end of the one rope. i let the longer part of rope 2 be the one to pull on.
    The shorter end of rope 2 i tie on point (b) of rope 1.

    Doing it this way which is possible(i tried it) i build a bridge.
    Now i can cut rope 1 between point (a) and point (b) without falling.
    Climbing down and pulling the longer part of rope 2, i resolve the upper knod and both ropes will fall down.

    All the rest should be easy.

    I hope you still read this and answer my question (did anyone else write this solution?)
    Im sorry if there are any mistakes of language.
    And i dont like writing my adress to a public forum but…

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