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There are a lot of terrific math products out there, that we are really eager to tell people about! And if you have some products you’d like to recommend, please let us know!

Construction Toys:

Above all, we have to make a pitch for Zomes There simply is no comparable product in existence (or arguably, even mathematically possible. They got it right!)

Sure you have yer magnetix, yer legos, or even a basic erector set.

For making polyhedra, polydrons are a very good product, that can make quite a lot that Zomes can’t.

But Zomes are just exactly right for exploring a wide range of mathematically precise structures. I personally own an obscene amount of the stuff, and am proud to have been roughly their 100th customer.

Just take a look at the ball: it’s a work of art all by itself!
Zome ball

Logic Toys: There are a lot of wonderful products out there; many of my favorites are made by Binary Arts. Rush Hour is a classic sliding block puzzle, suitable for kids and adults alike.

Puzzle Pieces Tesselations produces a variety of very interesting and inexpensive tiling puzzles.

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