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World of Britain

I am in a total immersion game called ‘World of Britain’.

Every day you can take a daily task, if you dare.  There are five tasks and each day one of these tasks is given at random.  You could get the same task each day if you were unlucky.

The tasks are:

·         Cycling in Edinburgh; the best city in the world has plenty of cycle lanes to help you avoid the traffic, some of them are a bit surprising.

·         Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire; can you beat the cheese? 

·         Bog Snorkelling in Wales; my favourite British sport, bar none!  Watch the action here!  

·         Gurning goes back to at least the thirteenth century.  You may think it is just about pulling funny faces, and you would be right.

·         Mud Racing  How do you know who won?

My math question is:  assuming you win everything you enter how many days would you expect it to take to win all of these competitions?

p.s Gurning is now international.  Here is a US gurner completely oblivious to the exciting belly-flop championship happening behind him.  Apparently “everyone and their butt crack is welcome”

us-gurner east-dublin-georgia


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  1. Andy said,

    May 28, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    About 11.47 days.

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