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G4G9: Report From the Festivities!

Quick interviews with folks here at the Gathering For Gardner, including Stephen Wolfram, Will Shortz,  Dale Seymour, John Conway and many others. 

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GU. Number Freak!


Puzzler Derrick Niederman tells us about his new book, Number Freak: From 1 to 200, the hidden language of numbers revealed, full of lore, mathematical amusements and numerical tidbits! 

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GL. Math 2033

So, I’m teaching a new course, Math 2033, Mathematical Thought, and it’s going great! I’d like to take a moment to write about it!

(This is one reason the MF has been kinda slow lately; another is that I’m chair) When it’s fully up and running, we’ll have about 150 students in one large section each semester (we’re starting with about 100). In a nutshell, it’s the Math Factor, as a course.

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GK. Mythematics

Michael Huber discusses the mathematics of the Twelve Labors of Hercules!




FT. Sum and Double, Double and Sum

Rob Fathauer discusses the ins and outs of the mathematical toy business, and we ask: For which numbers is the sum of digits the same as the sum of digits of twice the number. For example:

The sum of the digits of 351 is 9 and the sum of the digits of 2 x 351 = 702 is also 9.

1) If a number has this property, can we always rearrange its digits and obtain another number with this property (513, 135, etc all have it)

2) Which powers of 2 have this property?

3) And most of all, can you give a simple characterization of the numbers with this property, in terms of just the digits themselves?


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ET. Your Holiday Shopping Guide

Our favorite new and not-so-new products of 2008!

Check out these great gifts!

Hope this helps and have fun!! Let us know how it works out!

Happy Holidays from the Math Factor!

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DY. The Symmetries of Things

Now, really, tell me, what good is a podcast if you can’t promote your beautiful new book?

We are very very pleased to announce the publication of The Symmetries of Things, a comprehensive, modern account of the mathematics of symmetry, complete with over 1000 illustrations!

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BT. A Runcinated Dodecaplex

We visit a giant model of a four-dimensional polyhedron, made of the fabulous Zome math construction toy. Paul Hildebrandt, president of Zome, weighs in!

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