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EG. The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems

Dana Richards, editor of The Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems discusses the amazing Martin Gardner and his legacy!


EF. Visions of Symmetry

M.C. Escher expert Doris Schattschneider, author of Visions of Symmetry, sits down with us in Leeuwarden Friesland, Escher’s boyhood hometown, to discuss his life and work.

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EE. Tossem Beaver

Mathemagician Art Benjamin explains some of the tricks of his trade!

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ED. Mathemagican Art Benjamin

Art Benjamin, mathemagician at Harvey Mudd, staggers, astounds and entertains!

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Follow Up: The Busy Beaver Function

Why can there be no computable bound to the Busy Beaver Function?

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EC. Skyrocketing Functions!

Faster than an exponential! More powerful than double factorials!! The Busy Beaver Function tops anything that could ever be computed– and we mean ever


EB. Busy Beavers and Dumb Robots

Those dumb robots can do anything! Anything at all, that any computer can do.

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EA. The Limits of Computation

One of the great discoveries of the twentieth century is that mathematics can describe the limits of mathematical thought! We’ll discuss some of these ideas from time to time in coming weeks. In this segment, we consider Alan Turing’s insightful question:

Can the answer to any mathematical question be computed?

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DZ. Mind Control Across Time and Space!

Eric Demaine of MIT will control your minds across all time and all space!

Not surprisingly, we suppose, this trick is closely related to an important mathematical tool of the telecommunications industry:

Gray Codes are tremendously useful; a great, very readable discussion is in Chapter 2 of Martin Gardner’s Knotted Donuts and Other Mathematical Entertainments.


DY. The Symmetries of Things

Now, really, tell me, what good is a podcast if you can’t promote your beautiful new book?

We are very very pleased to announce the publication of The Symmetries of Things, a comprehensive, modern account of the mathematics of symmetry, complete with over 1000 illustrations!

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