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DY. The Symmetries of Things

Now, really, tell me, what good is a podcast if you can’t promote your beautiful new book?

We are very very pleased to announce the publication of The Symmetries of Things, a comprehensive, modern account of the mathematics of symmetry, complete with over 1000 illustrations!

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DW. The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!

Neil Sloane of ATT Labs shares some his favorite integer sequences from his online encyclopedia!

Recaman’s Sequence is especially perplexing! Sloane asks: does every number eventually appear?

(No one yet knows the answer!)


DU. Chaos at the Card Table

Mathematics writer Barry Cipra shows us Tag Deal, a simple but perplexing puzzle with cards.

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DR. Double Bubble

Frank Morgan of Williams College asks “What is the shape of a double bubble?”

photo: Jeff Bauer

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DN. Ed Burger’s Trouser Puzzle

Prof Ed Burger of Williams College discusses the mathematics of proofs and puzzles, and a problem with his pants.


DL. The Wicked King Problem

In which we discuss mattress preservation, group theory, and the problem of the Wicked King.


DJ. Pegg on Numb3rs

We catch Ed Pegg, puzzler extraordinaire , as he is going over a script for the TV show Numb3rs.

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DE. The Apples In Stereo

Robert Schneider, of The Apples In Stereo discusses his logarithmic tonal system and why he loves mathematics.

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CQ. Dollar Auction

Bill Poundstone, author of The Prisoner’s Dilemma, tells us some game theory lore, how to model an arms race, and lessons for the good life.


CN. Name That Date


John. H. Conway, one of the young men pictured above, tells us about his fabulous and simple method for rapidly calculating the day of the week.

With just a little practice, you too can Impress your friends (or drive them away) with this stupendous ability!

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