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CH. Rayo’s Number!

A contestant for our Million-Dollar-Give-Away sent in Rayo’s Number, hitherto the largest number ever used for any real purpose: to wit, winning the



Check out the article by Scot Aaronson that inspired them to duke it out! And this thread on the math forum is quite interesting as well.

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CD. Alas, Up To A Million Dollars Might Have Been Given Away.

We discuss the results of the fabulous Math Factor Million Dollar Giveaway. and confess this was an excuse to bring up Game Theory and how to talk about really big numbers.

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CB. Pi Day

We take this week off to celebrate Pi Day (March 1)

Ok, that’s only π to one decimal place, and only in some countries, but somehow we got off a week in our radio version of the Math Factor and have to catch up.

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BW. The Math Factor Million Dollar Give Away!!!

Up to $1,000,000 in Prize Money May Be Given Away! Whoever sends us the largest number wins the prize– a million dollars divided by the winning entry!

(So, if everyone could just hold it together and send in the number “1”, we’ll be out a lot of dough! Of course, if everyone else sends in “1”, you might consider being a rascal and sending in “2”… this is a slippery slope though…)


BT. A Runcinated Dodecaplex

We visit a giant model of a four-dimensional polyhedron, made of the fabulous Zome math construction toy. Paul Hildebrandt, president of Zome, weighs in!

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BG. Bamboopalooza!

Join Chaim and Kyle at Bamboopalooza 3! Octahedral pencil holders, giant 12 pointed bamboo stars, pig lighters and other mathematical oddments were enjoyed by all! Read the rest of this entry »

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