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Shasha Answers">AV. Dennis Shasha Answers

Dennis Shasha, author of The Puzzler’s Elusion explains how his finger multiplication works!

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Shasha asks about Polish Multiplication">AU. Dennis Shasha asks about Polish Multiplication

Dennis Shasha, puzzle columnist for Scientific American, asks about a curious way to multiply numbers on your fingers.

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Greetings From The Math Factor

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DC. Psychology Matters

The ‘expected’ answer is not always the one people choose: Dennis Shasha explains that psychology plays a role in the answer to last week’s puzzle.

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DB. Envelope Mystery

Dennis Shasha answers his cake conundrum and poses a new puzzle: should you switch envelopes given the chance?


DA. A Cake Conundrum

Dennis Shasha, author of Puzzles for Programmers and Pros joins us once again, posing a cake conundrum!

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CY. Number Sleuths

After explaining how the Princess escaped, we pose a simple puzzle from Dennis Shasha’s new book Puzzles for Programmers and Pros. (In the next post we’ll say a little more about the princess.)


BQ. The Smuggler is Paid

Dennis Shasha answers his puzzle.


BP. The Smuggler’s Fee

Dennis Shasha, author of the “Puzzler's Elusion” gives us a new puzzle.


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